For Indian Cricket Team, It’s Embarrassing Now

How did India became Test Champions? Well, mostly they did because they had played better at home and average away. After that, Indians became World Cup Champions – again at home. Australian media said that Indians are flat track bullies. People don’t like to hear negative stuff but it’s always been a proven fact. Indian Players can’t handle bouncy, bowling friendly track. When you see them playing, like in present series, one can not help but to think, that it is just matter of time before he edges one and gets out.

Between the Australian and India team, difference is that Australian bowlers have struck to their plan, and executed them perfectly. Indian bowlers seemed more like practice match bowlers in compare to that. Failing of batting line up is nothing new.

Sachin Tendulkar, since 90s has been like a cement of Indian batting lineup. All players love him so much that, once he gets out, they can’t help but to follow him and be with him – either in a dressing room or on the field. And seems, that fight must had broken out in dressing room about who gets to sit with him and they all decided that we all will get out and just be together on field. What a brotherhood!

So, now India has lost series and after embarrassing defeat of 4-0 in England, they are headed for another 4-0 knockdown in Australia. And as usual, there is a talk of putting youngsters in Team and making seniors retire etc. But, Where are the youngsters? Rahul Dravid and Sachin Tendulkar have been a top batting performers in this series for India (Even though, Rahul Dravid’s wall kept breaking when ball kept sneaking past his bats!). Apart from 3 Senior batsmen, there are 8 players. Are they old? No. Aren’t they young? Yes. Are they doing any better? No. Than who will play?

What BCCI needs is, keep domestic circuit strong. Apply a rotating policy for players which is a must. It will help blending and bring in more players from domestic circuit and same time almost making 2 cricket teams with experience. That’s only hope left after seeing sorry state of performance.

Only two players so far have shown some fight, Ishant Sharma and Virat Kohli with their middle finger salute! Sadly that’s not enough to win matches.

  1. Speaking of Indian bowlers, the under-19 World Cup opening pair of Sangwan and Kaul looked promising as well. The Indian fast bowling revolution is well and truly here.

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