Indian Premier League is something that has it’s positives – mainly for players and it’s owners.  However, it does entertain to viewers, and when I said players – it creates more friendly environment among themselves while they come head to head in International matches, plus gives them a chance to shine and get limelight which may boost they chances to make into  national team plus get paid good.  Lets Review IPL 2011 quick.


  • The Start –  BCCI must been blinded by the fact that World Cup which lasted almost 2 months, before that too hectic schedule for all teams still started IPL 5 days after World Cup.  This didn’t help players to get rest or blend in team quick.
  • Hype – Obviously, TV ratings are down for 2011.  Reason again is simple.  Too much cricket, too quick after world cup.  Even stadiums are not being filled to its capacity.  BCCI may find sponsors to make money but people don’t make money like BCCI.   Most had emptied their pockets on black tickets during the world cup.  They can’t afford to go every few day.
  • Local Interest – It’s less.  I think people seemed confused because of player auction.  Just when locals knew their team, players were gone to different team.  I would say go for trading but never for auction again.
  • Srilanka Controversy – OK so this was started when Srilankan President wasn’t invited formally by Indian Government and plus BCCI didn’t give them enough tickets.  I guess that may have irked this but Srilankan board asked all of their players to return home by 5th May.  Well, now it’s changed to May 18th.   While yes definitely playing for country is priority, players need to get week of rest and week of training before their tour.  It’s a must but why would you give NOC till May 20 to players to play in IPL and than ask them to return.  As usual BCCI money power worked to have own way.
  • Lasith Malinga – Without him Mumbai Indian’s has bowling is way below average.  But he said he is not fit – injured and can’t participate in Test match with England.  Obviously, he has knee issues and hasn’t played or much of test matches in last 3-4 years.  He has now retired from Test Match Cricket but he could have handled this issue better, more formal way.   While Srilankan board is not happy, his former captains Sangakara and Jayawardene backed him.   Jayawardene rightly said that – player has responsibility towards family and while he was injured, Srilankan Board took his central contract away from him and left him with no income.  So he does have right to choose his future.
  • Sachin Tendulkar – Happy Birthday!! May you play forever.   Leading Scorer in 2011 World cup for India and So far Leading Scorer in IPL.  You are getting Younger!  Great to see his onslaught where he scored his 1st IPL 100.  Enjoyed it.


So over all IPL 2011 – Not So Good like before due to – Too Much Cricket and Player Tradings.