If you haven’t heard about it, than know Rotimatic

There are many tools or appliances are available in stores which can making whole cooking process starting from cutting vegetables to making sandwiches much easier and quicker. More about other stuff will be discussed some other day. Today, it’s about making Roti.  I am sure you may think, isn’t it already available?  No.  I am not talking about the one, which looks like sandwich maker, where you put dough and press to make Roti.  This is totally automatic, you don’t have to do anything other than putting ingredients in its container- Flour, Oil and Water.  Press the Button and you will have your Roti.

It comes with various settings too. You can choose softness and thickness of Roti.  It also gives you an option for oil.  It makes dough balls and poori sized discs.  It can hold ingredients for up to 20 rotis and can make one roti every minute with a simple press of button.

So, there you have it.  Now comes the part which will break your heart.  Currently, it is not sold in India.  Soon it will be though.  But it will put a big hole in pocket.  Currently, It was sold for $599 (Rs.36,000) for orders abroad, which is a preorder price.  However, once product is in full swing and in stock, its retail price is $999 (Rs.60,000).  We will have to wait and see for correct price once it’s launched in India.  At current price, even though may will be interested in owning it, hardly some can afford to buy it considering it’s an electronic item, will need maintenance at some stage, will have limited warranty.  And, for the same cost, you can hire a help to do all your cooking for 2 years, once a day full meal.  That my friend will sound a better deal unless Rotimatic drops it rates under Rs. 25,000 For Indian Consumers.


  1. Hi, We interested in Rotimatic product ,pls. send us full details pictures and prices , what is MOQ . Thanks Vj 13416281144 email: style.shades@gmail.com

  2. Please contact me I need

  3. Hi sir I need this roti making machine so please tell me how can bye

  4. Please let us know when it will be made available in Pune. We are badly in need of Rotimaker.

  5. What is the Price and in India from whom to purchase Home rotimatic?

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