What’s holding up Bajaj Qute from Indian Roads?

Bajaj Qute was introduced on 2012 Auto Expo at New Delhi.  It has been 4 years but, we are still to see it on roads.  Bajaj Qute is not a car or a rikshaw, it’s the quadricycle – European category for the micro-cars.  Bajaj Qute is meant to be passenger utility vehicle.  It is safer than auto-rickshaws, has 37% lower carbon emission than the smallest car and has the fuel efficiency of 36 km per litre of gasoline.


Qute has proven itself to be a truly versatile city vehicle as tourist vehicles, passenger carriers and school transport vehicles in many international markets. So the question is, why we still don’t see it on roads?  Well, the competition objected its presence in India with the fear of losing their business by calling it unsafe and that it will hurt the living of rickshaw drivers.  There is a pending case in supreme court in this matter but as usual, it seems that our court is taking lifetime long to put the verdict out.

You can’t make an excuse such as lack of safety or loss of income due to this vehicle on our road.  It’s certainly safer than auto rickshaws.  And, if competition is a bad thing, we might have seen a single brand in every consumer sector over the years!  Hope that common sense prevails and hard work put on by Bajaj will be paid off, which will be seeing his Qute quadricycle on our roads.

  1. The problem is not with a public or safety, the problem is tata nano. Because they say nano is a car which is also a quadri cycle, it has all type of variants but no safety, no air bags, easily crushed in accident. Which courts of our india notice that ? In Mangalore we r eagerly awaiting for launch of bajaj Re60 Qute especially for private use and as commercial use. If Bajaj-Renault-Nissan named it mini car then it would be best rival for tata nano.

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